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Innovative solutions with limitless possibilities

Innov8 AR offers augmented reality solutions that work with existing marketing plans and are affordable for businesses of any size. Our revolutionary AR platform enables marketers to engage with clients through highly interactive, personalized and enriched augmented reality experiences.


Immerse users in your brand with augmented reality. Engage your audience by delivering video content or 3D models that are interactive and memorable.


Streamline the path to conversion with print media that connects directly to online channels. Send users to the point of sale, enquiry forms, landing pages and more through the call to action functionality.


Print media that's not only memorable but now also measurable. Find out where, when and for how long users have engaged with your brand.

Custom Mobile AR Applications

WebAR can re-engage

Add a call to action that directs viewers to a URL of your choice, such as website or online store.

Direct Mail & Marketing

Direct consumers straight to your website, online store or CRM using integrated Calls to Action.

Business Cards

Re-engage with targeted push notifications. Send push notifications to consumers.

Events & Conferences

Re-Engage with consumers based on how they have interacted with your augmented reality campaigns.

Offering engaging content for a personalized customer experience

Augmented Reality increases sales, maximizes customer engagement, and improves customer satisfaction. By connecting users to the products they buy in a real, visual way, you can bridge the gap between your intended audience and the products or services you sell.

Use real-time data to re-engage

Track print engagement for the first time...ever

Powerful analytics will show how and where your audience is engaging with your print marketing. Use this data to re-engage via other digital channels such as social media and paid search.

You can also send push notifications to consumers based on how they have interacted with your augmented reality campaigns.

Experience AR

  1. Scan the QR code with your camera phone.

  2. Follow the prompts to start AR.

  3. Scan the logo to the right. Enjoy!