Our Technology

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Augmented Reality is activated by either scanning a QR code with your smartphone camera or navigating to a unique web link. Both actions launch the AR experience in your mobile web browser, where our proprietary, image-tracking technology delivers the enhanced media - video, animation, or 3D content.

Interacting with our QR codes and AR markers is as simple as opening the phone on your camera and aiming. After that, the experience is underway. Take notice of the number of platforms you see and how many times you have the opportunity to engage with them, and make sure you don't miss the call to action. Most of all, enjoy!

Web AR

No app download required

Completely app-less and compatible with over 2.9 Billion iPhone & Android devices worldwide.

Give your customers a truly memorable experience, increase your ROI and be seen as an innovator in your industry. Our team is ready to deploy our Web AR technology and bring your print to life.

Scan the QR code with camera

Click to view AR then hold camera over the logo

See how easy using AR is to use for your marketing solutions

Innov8 App AR

Take your AR experience to the next level

App AR offers the most comprehensive and interactive Augmented Reality experience. Objects that are in the real-world are ‘augmented’ by digital experiences such as video, 3D models or 3D animated objects. Print and digital come together to engage consumers and lead them directly to websites, social media, eCommerce stores, and other platforms that drive sales.

Update digital assets related to a target without modifying the entire project. You no longer need to re-submit your mobile app in stores whenever you change the content. Powerful analytics will show how and where your audience is engaging with your print marketing. Use this data to re-engage via other digital channels,such as social media and paid search.

This Experience is exclusively on the Innov8 AR App

Scan our All In One QR Code for Android and Iphone to download the Innov8AR App

After downloading the Innov8 AR App, you will be able scan exclusive App Ar content and engage with both the Markerless AR and 3-D Models within the app.

Only if you have the Innov8 AR App

Scan the image with the app

This is an example of what can happen when print and AR come together. More print examples, including this one, are located in the Innov8 AR App and ready for activation. #BringPrint2Life

For best quality AR, we recommend printing and scanning all images related to App AR.