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Mobile has become one of the most significant media types through which consumers interact with brands and make purchase decisions. Augmented Reality gives you another tool in your belt when it comes to driving sales and enhancing brand value through mobile devices.

Our revolutionary AR technology seamlessly integrates your print with your digital by using scannable markers that quickly engage consumers via their phones and offer instant access to your website, social media, email, online store, and so much more. But wait, that's not even the biggest AR wow factor. When was the last time your promotional flyer or direct mailer engaged customers for at least 80 seconds, directed them to contact you, dialed your phone number for them, and followed up with a push notification?

Imagine what we can do for your print marketing

Web AR Explained

WebAR refers to augmented reality experiences that are accessed through a web browser rather than an app.

SmARt Business cARds

72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by way of video (HubSpot, 2019). Augmented reality allows users to quickly access video content within printed materials.

It's AR without the App

This means all you need is your smartphone or tablet and an internet connection, without having to download an app directly onto your phone.

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Beginning of a new era in marketing

AR is improving the way brands interact with the customers and acting as a tool to boost customer engagement. The adoption of the AR technology is growing so rapidly that its market is expected to gross $117.4 billion by the year 2022.