Augmented Reality adds life to formerly static marketing mediums. It enables marketers to include 3D animations, video and targeted information into AR-based storefronts, brochures, posters, t-shirts, flyers, and billboards. AR does not replace your current marketing plan; it simply enhances your efforts and reduces the time between initial contact with a customer and point of purchase. No fancy ink or redesign required!

Businesses using AR technology create demos and interactive advertising to provide real-time information to customers. Whenever people get in touch with any of the products or services, they form an emotional bond, which in turn creates more opportunities for purchase.

From sales to marketing and ongoing service support, augmented reality reduces costs, increase sales, and has a significant impact on ROI. Contact us today to start using AR tomorrow

AR is not the's happening now

Web AR = Small Business

See how easy Web AR is to use with your current marketing material.

SmARt Lead Generation

Use your current print material, Innov8 AR can make it a lead generator.

smARt Packaging

Packaging, banners, direct mail, and business cards.

Web AR in your Bar

Engage customers with innovative advertising print material you already in place.

Web AR for Auto Sales

Offer virtual test drives or tours to customers and have instant engagements and re-engage your customers on other platforms

Web AR for Fashion

Now your clothing product comes to life and becomes interactive and re-engage your customers.

What is "AR" Augmented Realty

Augmented reality (AR) is an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objects that reside in the real world are enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information, sometimes across multiple sensory modalities, including visual, auditory, haptic, somatosensory and olfactory. Contact us today to start using AR tomorrow

Add AR to your sales and marketing tool kit

Some of the best uses for augmented reality can increase sales, maximize customer engagement, and improve customer satisfaction. By connecting users to the products they buy in a real, visual way, you can bridge the gap between your intended audience and the products or services you sell.

Offer augmented shopping experiences to your customers

The “try before you buy” style of augmented reality is a powerful tool in marketing products and services to the tech-savvy consumer. Not only can augmented reality enhance the shopping experience, it can draw in new customers who are attracted to the idea of using technology to supplement their purchasing decisions.

Leave a lasting impression with augmented branding materials

Augmented Reality gives several avenues to enhance your ability to leave a lasting impression on new contacts. A simple business card or brochure can often be forgettable. An augmented one will not only remind the customer of your business, it can improve the perception of your organization as a tech-savvy and customer-focused company.

Create buzz around your brand

AR campaigns can drive a huge amount of interest in a product, service, or company by capturing the consumer’s imagination. Not only can this engage curious onlookers in whatever you’re trying to promote, this kind of marketing has huge potential to go viral, reaching millions of viewers and generating massive amounts of exposure.

Boost your B2B sales with engaging product presentations

Augmented reality adds an entirely new dimension to this pitch, giving prospective clients a new way to interact with products or services they’re considering purchasing. Almost any complex, artistic, or spatially-oriented product can benefit from augmented reality, giving buyers increased confidence in the end result of their purchasing.

Gain an edge in service and product support with augmented reality

Getting ahead of potential client questions or required training by implementing an augmented reality support system inspires confidence and encourages continued partnership. By driving forward collaboration using technology, businesses can secure prospective client loyalty simply by providing the best experience possible using AR.

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